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Brewers fanatic has collected over 1,600 baseballs

If you've ever been lucky enough to catch a home-run ball at Wrigley Field, it's a special moment.  Until, that is, you realize it was a blast from the opposing team.  Next thing you know, 40,000 angry fans are telling you to throw the ball back.  The way Shawn Bosman operates, he would never throw that ball, or any, back in any stadium ... ever.

Bosman gets to about 90-100 games a year, which equates to a lot of batting-practice home runs.  Keeping track of that many can be difficult, so he looks at distinctive scuff, grass, or any other mark on the ball to remember who hit the souvenir.  He puts each in a bag and hopes to get them signed.

BP homers aren't the only thing this ballhawk is going after -- Bosman has come away with 20 home runs during games, including a mammoth Adam Dunn blast that left Miller Park in 2010.

And you call yourself a fan.

-- Adam DeCock / Real-Time Correspondent

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