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The Brewers' rookies had to get the rest of the team's very complicated coffee orders

There aren't that many differences between being an intern and an MLB rookie. OK, so maybe there are a lot of differences -- after all, one category of employment gets paid to play a sport and the other … gets coffee. Hey wait! We found the thing rookies and interns have in common.

Before the Brewers' doubleheader against the Cubs on Tuesday, a quartet of Milwaukee rookies were sent on a coffee run for the rest of their teammates. From the list they're reading, it looks there were some pretty complicated orders, too:

Orlando Arcia, Jacob Barnes, Andy Wilkins and Damien Magnifico, who was called up that very morning, had the task of making sure the rest of the Brewers were suitably caffeinated.

"Arcia got stopped a lot," Magnifico told's Adam McCalvy. "I didn't have my name on the back, so I was all right. My jersey wasn't ready yet."

Good thing that's not a problem anymore: