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Meet the brothers playing for Chinese Taipei in the World Baseball Classic

Playing with your brother is nothing new in the World Baseball Classic. Orioles second baseman Jonathan Schoop and his brother Sharlon (who is also in the Baltimore organization) are on the Netherlands squad together, and they're both headed to Japan for the tournament's second round.

But Chinese Taipei brothers Kuo-Hui Kao, 32, and Guo-Long Luo, 28, are brothers with different surnames. For the scorekeeper at home or in the stands, this is probably a less confusing way to keep track.

Their mother, Ha-Na Lou, is from the aborigine tribe Amis, while their father, Shang-Ren Kao is from Chinese Taipei. During their academic years, both brothers took their mother's surname, Luo, because the Chinese Taipei government gives aborigine families extra education and social benefits. 


When the Han Chinese settled in Chinese Taipei, they pushed the aborigines to the mountain region, and the benefits are a conciliatory gesture for what aboriginal tribes (which make up 2.3 percent of the population) have endured in the past.

"Kao had decided -- after graduating from school and starting to make a living by playing baseball -- it's time to take his father's name," said Richard Wang, who is the press officer for Chinese Taipei for the World Baseball Classic.

The Kao-Luo family is also a bona fide baseball family. There are two more baseball-playing siblings: Kuo-Hua Luo, 31, and Kuo-Lin Kao, 24. If you're keeping score, the two middle brothers have their mother's surname, while the oldest and youngest brothers took their father's surname.

This Classic has been special for Kuo-Hui Kao and Guo-Long Luo.

Said Guo-Long Luo of his older brother: "When we were small, I watched him play baseball and, of course, he attended many international tournaments. He's a role model to us, and we love him."