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Bryce's broken-bat double flexes hustle

When Bryce Harper comes to the plate, you just expect you'll see a blast. Sure, he might not hit a home run, but a deep flyout? A foul ball with the distance for a dinger? A face-melting liner? Yeah, those are par for the course. 

During the Nationals' 3-1 victory against the Braves on Tuesday night, the right fielder hit a double, but it was a little different than usual. With the Braves shifted for him to pull in the top of the fourth inning, Harper broke his bat on Mike Foltynewicz's 95-mph fastball.

Reacting first with confusion as the bat splintered, Harper quickly saw his opportunity. With the ball drifting into left field, he turned on the jets. 


The best way to celebrate all that hustle? A very superhero-esque crouch with a hairflip. 

See? Perfect form: