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Watch Bryce Harper throw his bat down in disgust ... while hitting a home run

Bryce Harper throws bat down in frustration ... on HR

Over the past two months, Bryce Harper has finally completed his long-anticipated transformation from human being to bionic dinger-mashing machine: He hits them in bunches, in every possible direction, and sometimes to end games. And when hitting baseballs into bleachers is your baseline, it's understandable that you might start expecting a little more from yourself.

So, sure, Harper went yard during Tuesday night's game against the Cubs, but it was just too ordinary, landing four rows up in the left-field bleachers. And, really, where's the panache in that? The showmanship? 

Judging by his reaction, Bryce was shooting for far more style points:

Harper bat toss

In case you're keeping count (and if you are, well, you may need a bigger notebook), that makes 17 homers on the year now for Harper, meaning he's on pace for 60 this season. You're right, Bryce, it's definitely the bat's fault. 

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