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Buck Showalter knows Kansas City restaurants have the edge with Game 3 postponed

Showalter thinks KC restaurants enjoying postponement

With the weather shaking up the ALCS schedule (Game 3 will be Tuesday night and, if necessary, they'll play on Thursday, which was originally scheduled as a travel day), managers Ned Yost and Buck Showalter faced the media and were asked to evaluate how the changes would affect the Royals and Orioles, respectively.

Yost's Royals are undefeated this postseason and hitting the cover off the ball, so he says they'll just roll with the punches.

Showalter responded by explaining that there's exactly one group of folks loving the extra day off in Kansas City ... restaurant owners in Kansas City.

Q. As hot as the Royals have been is there a chance this could be a good thing for you guys?
BUCK SHOWALTER: No (laughter).
I appreciate you throwing it out there. No, you get good things going this time of year, it's about who pitches better and plays better. Those things, they certainly ‑‑ I think we're all, including me, searching for some ‑‑ no, I don't think so.
I think, if anything, it's great for the restaurant business in Kansas City, that's about it, I don't know. I know you all ‑‑ room service is expensive at that hotel, boy.

He's not wrong, you guys. Extra barbecue is the best barbecue.

And, on second thought ... maybe it will cool the Royals off. Take it away, Buck:

It's fascinating this time of year, because so many things happen that logically shouldn't, but they do. And you go away from the norm. That's why it's fascinating to watch. That's why Duke beat Georgia Tech, who knows, as [Matt] Wieters told me they would. You get an off week before you play Georgia Tech, and the option, you've got a chance to beat them.
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