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Bucs fan gets up close and personal with Yamaico Navarro

Fans seated in Sections 133-138 at PNC Park are known more affectionately as the "Left field Loonies."

Left fielder Yamaico Navarro isn't usually part of the starting lineup, but manager Clint Hurdle decided to insert the newcomer on Wednesday night.

When Navarro robbed Ian Desmond of a homer in the 4th, he was greeted by Andy Bott of Pittsburgh.

For Bott and his friend James Tinkey, it was just a regular trip down to the park to catch a glimpse of their beloved Buccos. But Bott got much more than he had expected.

"We decided to sit in these seats and hoped for a chance that a player happens to catch a ball at the wall in front of us. As soon as Navarro started going towards the wall, I just got overexcited and ran over and slapped his glove."

The two men, who were celebrating Tinkey's birthday, were more than thrilled to have been acknowledged by Navarro. However, Tinkey was not actually present for the catch.

"My buddy went to the bathroom and missed all the action happening right in front of us," Bott said.

- Deborah Hilton

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