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'Bull Durham' is headed for the bright lights of Broadway

The last few weeks have been chock full of offseason baseball news -- whether it's Cano going to Seattle, Ellsbury signing with the Yankees or Jonathan Papelbon's sweater choices. But on Tuesday night, the Winter Meetings gave us something we've been hoping for since 1988 (I think?). "Bull Durham" is being adapted into a musical and setting its sights on Broadway.

Director Ron Shelton, who's attending this week's festivities in Orlando, announced that he's taking Crash, Nuke, Annie and the story involving the Minor League Durham Bulls to the stage next year. Shelton hopes to premiere the play at Atlanta's Alliance Theatre in September 2014 in advance of a New York City run. It will include dancing ballplayers and an Annie Savoy solo among other elements. You can read the full interview and story at

Any takers on playing the Bull?

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