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Busch Stadium edible power rankings: Treat Yo Self edition

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What if peanuts and Crackerjack just won't cut it at the ballpark? What if you demolish a plate full of nachos and yearn for something sweet to polish off the evening? Look no further than these five delectable treats found inside Busch Stadium. Trying to stay away from the sweets? Forget about it. Go ahead and Treat. Yo. Self.

5) Funnel Cake: Normally, you'd find this tasty piece of fried deliciousness at a county fair. But for those not planning to attend a demolition derby or bull riding competition in the near future, Busch Stadium provides the goodness. Treat. Yo. Self.

4) Ben & Jerry's ice cream: Ice cream is ice cream. But whoever Ben and Jerry are, they really knew what they were doing when they created these dairy delicacies. So many flavors, so few innings. Treat. Yo. Self.

3) Minute Maid soft frozen lemonade: Not only will these tangy treats quench your thirst while providing sweet relief on a hot day, they're also naturally fat free and made with real fruit juice. Perfect for beach season! Treat. Yo. Self.

2) Cupcakes in the Redbird Club: It's really unfair to call them 'cupcakes' when each one is nearly the size of an entire cake. But if you get the chance -- and have enough napkins along with an empty stomach -- try and tackle one of Busch Stadium's best-kept secrets. Treat. Yo. Self.

1) Dippin' Dots:It's hard to re-create one of the best known treats of all-time, but somehow the folks at Dippin' Dots managed to do just that. Have you ever seen a kid that wasn't excited to get their "ice cream of the future?" Didn't think so. Eat like a kid. Treat. Yo. Self.

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