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When an attempted steal of second ends with a leap across home plate: The Byron Buxton Story

In the game of baseball, "manufacturing a run" is an important part of winning. From walks to bunts to hitting the ball to the right side to advance a runner, it's considered to be pretty crucial. 

Twins speedster Byron Buxton, though, nixed the middleman and created his own offense in Saturday's game with the White Sox at Target Field. After reaching first base in the third inning, Buxton took off for second on a pitch to the next batter, and ... this happened: 


But Buxton's night wasn't done. In the top of the fourth, he flashed some stellar defense with this fantastic grab:


The gifted 23-year-old might still be a work in progress offensively, but he's definitely got a handle on the speed/defense side of things already ...