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Byron Buxton turns 24 today, so help us decide his best catch of 2017

Byron Buxton's potential has been discussed many times over the years. And last season, his first full season, he didn't disappoint -- hitting 16 homers, stealing 29 bases and leading the Twins with a 5.1 bWAR. Although he had career highs in many offensive categories, his defense is what people came to the park to see every day. He led all center fielders with 24 Defensive Runs Saved, won his first AL Gold Glove and was rated the 2017 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year. There was hardly a night last season where you didn't see Buxton flying into walls or turning doubles into long, beautiful outs.

Amazingly enough, Minnesota's outfielder did all of this at the tender age of 23. Today, Buxton turns 24. In honor of his birthday, help us decide which of these 10 catches was his best in 2017. Leave any of your favorites in the comments.