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You decide: Which Rangers reliever has the better mustache?

With the extra focus and millions of eyeballs, every moment of the postseason matters more. That counts both for everything that happens on the field, as well as what happens off it. Namely, in the version of personal style. If you want to make a fashion impact, the postseason is your chance to do it. 
Colby Rasmus' hair came to the fore in last year's playoffs and Hunter Pence's forest of hair has achieved an even-higher Q rating this season. 
For the Rangers, though, there are two relievers battling it out for hair on the front of their faces, not on top of them. So, tell us, who has the Best Tom Selleck Impression. There's Tony Barnette, who returned from Japan to dominate with a 2.09 ERA -- his hair and mustache like that of a guy in a '70s metal band: 
And then there's Jake Diekman,  
title of Best Tom Selleck Impression. There's Tony Barnette,