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Can you guess these MLB stars based on their Jumbotron portraits?

MLB stars turned into art with Jumbotron portraits

It is the dream of young baseball players everywhere -- T-ball, Little League, the sandlot -- to one day see their face on a Jumbotron. Finding your mug lit up for everyone in the stadium to see is the sure sign that you've truly made it. It is also, you know, beautiful.

Or it is, at least, when Peter Chen turns Jumbotron portraits into literal works of art. At, Chen has created dozens of MLB portraits in the iconic Jumbotron style from the 1970s and '80s -- everyone from Willie Aikens to Robin Yount.

On Hot Stove Thursday, Fran Charles had Harold Reynolds try his hand at guessing a few past-and-present MLB stars based on their portraits.

Like "the man" right here:


And, as Reynolds calls him, "the pitcher from Texas:"


Charles: "You can't mistake the 'fro."


As Reynold's guessing success can attest, Chen's portraits are pretty spot-on. You can check them all out here, and read how they're made

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