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Cancer survivor makes long trip to see his Phillies play at Minute Maid Park

David Feldman had been on a long journey to see his Phillies play on Thursday. After a six-month battle with leukemia, the youngster recently received a strong prognosis and traveled with his family to Minute Maid Park to see Philadelphia take on the Astros. 

"David, my other son Jacob, and my husband and I traveled to Spring Training in March," said David's mother, Laurie. "We spent a week there, and saw a couple games and got some autographs. Two days after we got home, David was diagnosed with leukemia. He has spent the better part of the last six months fighting the disease and is now in remission. He's becoming stronger and wanted to see his team, so we made the trip to Houston." 

The family is originally from New Jersey, but now lives in Florida. According to Laurie, they watched almost every Phillies game during David's time in the hospital. 

"That, and the thought of this trip, is what really kept us going," Laurie said.

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. showed his gratitude for David's dedication and autographed his sign at Minute Maid Park.

-- Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

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