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Cardinals Hall of Famer Lou Brock gave pitcher Joe Kelly some helpful baserunning tips

When Hall of Famers are hanging around Busch Stadium, the current players should expect to learn a thing or two. Just ask Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly, who received some advice on baserunning from St. Louis' all-time stolen base leader, Lou Brock.

The former left fielder had a great time razzing the young pitcher about his baserunning rituals. Last season, Brock noticed that when Kelly got on base, he would 'dingle' his fingers -- something Brock did as he was about to steal a base.

Brock knows a little bit about base-stealing: he lead the National League in the category eight different times, and ranks second all-time with 938 swipes.

Kelly quickly took the advice to heart.

"I was getting ready to run, that's what I do. That's how I get prepared," Kelly said.  "But I guess the next time I run the bases there will be no 'dingling' of the fingers."

-- Jase Bandelow / Real-Time Correspondent