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Ryan Sherriff doesn't need a badge because he has a sheriff's star on his glove

In his brief time as a Major Leaguer, Cardinals reliever Ryan Sherriff has shown that he certainly deserves his nominal association with law enforcement. In addition to a low 1.29 ERA through his first five appearances, Sherriff has already showed he is the long arm of the law by bringing justice to a true Outlaw.

While his work on the mound provides evidence enough of his ability to administer justice to his opponents and protect leads, it never hurts to add some documentation to convince the skeptics. During Friday night's game against the Pirates he showed off his very own sheriff's star.


Without a badge, Gold Hat found it difficult to convince Fred C. Dobbs that he was an agent of the law in "The Treasure of Sierra Madre." Thanks to his customized glove, Sherriff will not run into that problem.