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Cardinals rule: Wrapping up the NLCS

Missed some of the NLCS storylines? Don't worry, they're all wrapped up in one neat little package right here:

Zack Greinke said T-Plush talks T-Much.

Lance Berkman hadno love for the Brewers. Awkwarrrrrd.

John Axford and Rollie Fingers engaged in a 'stache-off to end all 'stache-offs.

The Clapper and Sparkplug competed for coveted Loudest Fan of the Postseason honors.

Prince Fielder terrified Ryan Braun with his power and his punches.

Breaking new: Brewers fans love them some tailgating. Oh, and also beer hats.

Joe Braun won both Employee of the Month and Dad of the Month.

The legend of the Rally Sqirrel was written in the stars ... but endangered at Busch Stadium.

St. Louis became the land of the Gateway Arch, the pregame dance-off, the Albert Pujols chicken suit.

Bob Uecker reminisced and Ozzie Smith pondered a comeback.

And finally, David Freese and the Cardinals are headed for the World Series. Obviously, they did it for Torty.