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Carlos Correa reveals superhuman abilities on running, leaping catch

Carlos Correa reveals superhuman abilities on catch

For years, we thought that the X-Men were fictional, that a team of mutated superhumans was just a nice story that filled comic book pages and cineplexes. 

But no. Turns out they're real and they're here. How else can you describe Carlos Correa, a 20-year-old shortstop who entered Saturday's game hitting .273/.341/.494 with 18 home runs and a bevy of defensive highlights, than as a homo superior

Highlights like this sprinting, leaping, levitating catch against the Athletics. Racing back on Jack Smolinski's pop-up in the top of the fourth, Correa went a Statcast™-estimated 52.9 feet to make the grab.


You see, Correa has the speed of Quiksilver, acrobatic skill of Nightcrawler and has the ability to create fireworks anywhere he goes like Jubilee

Given his defensive chops and how annoying he must be to every opponent he faces off against, should Correa decide to join up with the X-Men, I'm pretty sure his code name would be The Infield Fly. 

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