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Carlos Gomez is momentarily trapped in time as he batflips on a hustle double

Carlos Gomez is trapped in time on his batflip double

Since joining the Astros at the Trade Deadline, Carlos Gomez has been struggling with his new team. Despite a three-hit game in his Houston debut, the Google-pro All-Star entered Tuesday's action hitting just .181/.218/.241. But he's starting to show signs of coming out of his slump as August ends. 

In the first inning against the Yankees, Carlos Gomez laced what appeared to be an RBI single to center field before he hustled his way to second base. 

Only problem, the universe appeared to glitch on him momentarily. And, like a video game character whose code is just a bit buggy, Gomez found his arms stuck while the world moved around him. 


Don't worry, he would soon become unfrozen and would take his place in the outfield. We think. Unless the computer simulation that is reality simply spawned a Carlos Gomez doppelganger to take his place and the original Gomez is now trapped in a Tron-like electronic grid. 

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