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Carlos Gomez and all 12 of his abs are in the best shape of their lives this offseason

While the rest of us have been bellying up to the table for seconds of grandma's pecan pie so as to store up a thick layer of blubber that will help us hibernate until Opening Day (just 92 more days, you guys), your favorite MLB players have been bustin' their humps to get in the best shape of their lives ahead of the 2016 season.

They're so strong, so fast, so athletic that they've got to come up with new-fangled ways to test their fitness, like doing massive box jumps and running up sand dunes and rolling tires filled with bar bells.

Not to be outdone, Carlos Gomez is leaving it all out on the track. The Astros outfielder recently took to Instagram to show off the progress he and his, like, 12 abs are making this offseason and, jeez Louise should we be impressed.

Starting #2016 focused and getting ready #NoDaysOff #LetsGo #BeastMode

A photo posted by Carlos Gomez (@realcarlosgomez) on


As if the stills weren't enough to gawk at, Gomez posted a video of himself sprinting on that track and bounding up the stadium steps.

#NoDaysOff #Focus #BeastMode #2016

A video posted by Carlos Gomez (@realcarlosgomez) on

SPOILER ALERT: ... No, I'm not giving anything away, here. I just think he should have a spoiler on his shoulders because if he moves any faster without one, he might take-off.