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Carlos Gomez's 3-year-old son made him apologize for Monday's outburst

Most of the time, a strikeout is followed by a huffy walk to the dugout and maybe a perturbed glare from the manager or toward the umpire. One particular strikeout during Monday's Brewers-Cubs matchup, however, featured an uncommon show of emotion when Milwaukee center fielder Carlos Gomez snapped a bat over his knee.

The strikeout didn't matter that much overall -- the Brewers went on to beat the Cubs, 7-4 -- but one particular fan was none too pleased with the bat break.

When Gomez called home that night, his three-year-old son scolded him for the act, calling it an "ugly" display.

Gomez apologized, both over the phone and to his fans on Twitter, but we think the son was actually a winner in this situation. How many 3-year-olds get to lecture their father about throwing temper tantrums? 

-- Dakota Gardner /

(h/t Brewers beat writer Adam McCalvy)

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