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Baxter the Bobcat distracted Carlos Gonzalez during his warmups but CarGo won the battle

Stretching before a game is a crucial part of any ballplayer's game.

Bothering players during their pregame rituals is a crucial part of a mascot's obligations on the field, as the Astro's Orbit has shown us time and time again. It's also on the to-do list of Baxter the Bobcat, the D-backs' mascot, especially with a division foe like the Rockies in town.

That's what happened prior to Colorado's 5-4 win at Chase Field on Monday as the Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez did his pregame stretches along the first-base line. There was Baxter, doing his best to throw CarGo off his game. Problem is, it didn't quite work out, and instead, Gonzalez got the upper hand in the end: 


A valiant effort from Baxter, nonetheless.