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A bunch of fish have taken over a flooded baseball field in Toronto

Baseball is no stranger to lots of water. It's been causing rain delays, inspiring elaborate jousting tournaments and even invading clubhouses since time immemorial. The Gibraltar Point Baseball Park on Toronto's Centre Island, however, is facing something else entirely: The entire field is underwater and has been overrun by carp.

No, seriously, there are a lot of fish:

According to The Toronto Star, the flooding was caused by days of heavy rainfall into Lake Ontario, and a significant portion of the Toronto Islands are still underwater. As for the fish, they're common carp local to the area, and they're currently in the middle of their spawning season -- so, out of respect for the circle of life, they'll remain on the field until the water recedes, at which point they'll be caught by net and moved elsewhere.

Should the city need any help with that, we happen to know a guy: