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Celebrate the start of another year with your favorite MLB friends

Celebrate the start of another year with MLB stars

This is how it goes: The Earth revolves around the sun, the seasons change (depending on your longitude and latitude) and the year comes to an end on December 31. That's true every year -- no exception for 2014 -- and for every human being on the planet. Even the stars of MLB. 

Also true: Everyone rings in the New Year differently. But if there's one universal way to spend the waning hours of 2014, it's posting about our NYE plans on social media, whatever they may be.  

Robinson Cano posted a photo of himself wearing some silky threads before an apparent night on the town. 



Billy "Country Breakfast" Butler wished all a great 2015 from Miami Beach.  



Even teams got into the act: The Cubs, who added ace Jon Lester to a dynamic mix of young players, and Giants, who had a pretty good 2014, shared well wishes.  




And on the revelry went ...


















Last sunset of the year! Excited for what is to come in 2015!!! #HappyNewYear #blessed #305 #MiGente

A photo posted by Yonder Alonso (@yonder2323) on


























Happy New Years

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