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Celebs react to Cards' incredible Game 6 win

@asherroth: "See you tomorrow night" #Freese #Game7

@TheFray: YES! Go Cards!!!!! -BW

@nickjonas: Even though the Rangers didn't win... That was hands down one of the greatest/most entertaining baseball games I've ever seen.

@kelly_clarkson: Big bummer that my Rangers didn't win it tonight but I have to say that Freese did a great job

@paulpierce34: Wow Freese unreal Epic

@reggie_bush: Wow what a game this is!!!

@Alyssa_Milano: That was the kind of game that would have made a baseball fan out of a non-fan. #WorldSeries

@JoeyBats19: Ummmm, when is Freese's statue being built??? #wow #unreal #bestgameofhislife

@tonyrobbins: A home run & Unbelievable comeback by the St. Louis Cardinals!!! What a game!!!!they are going crazy with celebration!!! Series now tied 3-3

@donald_faison: You're missing some good baseball if you're not watching the World Series right now.

@RickieFowlerPGA: What a game!!

@jack: Wow! @Cardinals win! Congrats St. Louis!

@billybush: FREESE!!!! #cards. Huge awesome amazing!!! Wow, what a game!


@swish41: Heartbreakin loss. But there is nothin better in sports than a game 7. Every competitor loves this situation. Can't wait til 2mor. #rangers