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Celebs react to Cards winning World Series

@DanicaPatrick: 10.5 games back at the end of the summer.... To world series champs. They are so cool.

@BravoAndy: World Champs! So proud to be from St. Louis! #11in11 #CARDINALNATION

@SHAQ: Who thinks Albert pujols is gonna get that 300 million now, I do, he deserves it congrats again to Albert and the cardinals organization.

@JeffGordonWeb: Great WS! Admit I was pulling for TX. I have a lot of respect for Nolan Ryan and how he's led the team. Cards played great congrats #JG

@ErinAndrews: Congrats to Berkman, Big Al, Molina, and the rest of the Cardinals..St. Louis is a town that knows how to celebrate nights like this..

@DuffMcKagan: Congrats 2 the StL Cards 4 that ridiculous season. That's how MLB is played. Never back down, hit what u can, pitch w/guts.. #payinattnM's?

@NathanKress: Just landed, but the pilot was awesome enough to give us updates on the Series. Congrats Cardinals!!!! You absolutely deserve it!

@jack_welch: Great world series. Feel bad for Ron Washington the Rangers Manager. He appears to be a great guy.

@roddywhiteTV: Man I wanted the rangers to win I'm a big Hamilton fan

@ItsBMcKnight: Congrats to the st Louis cardinals world series champs

@funkmasterflex: #IFWT MLB: Congratulations To The 2011 World Series Champions: The St. Louis Cardinals!!!

@Alyssa_Milano: I'm so happy for Furcal!!! #WorldSeries

@Pierre_Thomas: from Wild Card to World Series Champs...shows that anything is possible in professional sports. Congrats to the Cardinals