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Heading to Wrigleyville for the World Series? Check out this street artist's excellent Cubs mural

The Cubs ended their 71-year absence from the World Series on Saturday night, claiming the National League pennant with a 5-0 win over the Dodgers that sent them into the World Series to face the Indians. 

Right outside Wrigley Field, a new piece of artwork was recently unveiled that captures the spirit of this season's Cubs -- and was designed and implemented by a big fan, too. 

"You're sort of born into being a Cubs fan," says artist Tony Passero in the clip atop this post. A lifelong supporter of the North Siders, Passero was tasked (with the aid of MLB and the Cubs) to create this colorful homage at the famed Addison and Sheffield intersection just beyond the outfield fence. 

Passero documented his progress as he went along: 

Making sure to point out that the finished product would give fans an opportunity for a pretty sweet photo:

And then, the final product was ready for its unveiling:

The Cubs and Indians will open the World Series on Tuesday, with Game 1 set for Progressive Field in Cleveland at 8 p.m. ET -- but the action will return to the Friendly Confines on Friday night for Game 3.

This means, of course, that the mural and Wrigleyville altogether will be a very popular spot for fans as the Fall Classic rolls along. Fans in downtown Cleveland, too, can enjoy an artistic rendering of their team thanks to chalk artist Mac Love.