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For Wildlife Education Day, the Rangers brought an actual, live cheetah to the ballpark


Thursday morning started just like any other for A's pitcher Drew Pomeranz -- get up, maybe make a coffee run, head to the ballpark for that afternoon's game against the Rangers, be sure to dap the cheetah hanging around your dugout. You know, normal stuff. 

Er, wait, what?

Sure, the Rangers may claim the cat came from the Dallas Zoo as part of some "Wildlife Education Day," but we're not buying that ruse.

Maybe they're thinking of sticking the cheetah in the field -- the lack of opposable thumbs makes for a questionable hit tool, but it's got 80 speed at least, and the "Oh dear, there's a jungle cat a few feet away from me" effect would be worth at least a few Defensive Runs Saved. 

Or it could be Tony La Russa's stray cat, all grown up after a quarter-century in hiding and coming to help the skipper's former team. Yep, definitely one of those two.