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Watch this CPBL player defy the laws of gravity to rob a surefire base hit

Chinese League player soars to make catch

The Chinese Professional Baseball League, which operates out of Taiwan, is made up of just four teams: the Chinatrust Brothers, the Lamigo Monkeys, the EDA Rhinos and the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions. And yet, despite this relative dearth of franchises, it never ceases to amaze. After all, Manny Ramirez did play there briefly.

On Wednesday night, in the second inning of a matchup between the Lions and the Rhinos, one man defied the laws of physics and launched himself through the air to rob a surefire base hit. Check it out:

Amazing. And, even more amazing, here's an internet translation of that video's title:

Sophomore unified vs justice bureau , Chen Yong Chen Kailun jumped confiscated base hits

We're gonna assume that's not really an accurate translation; however, this play was the dictionary definition of "confiscated," so that part's clearly spot on.