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Chris Archer's hair has grown so long, he needs a bigger hat size for this upcoming season

When Chris Archer made his MLB debut on June 20, 2012, his hair was closely shaved to his head:


More than three years later, at the end of the 2015 season, his hair had expanded considerably away from his head:


And it's only grown longer in the offseason. On Monday, Archer went on Hot Stove to discuss, among other things, the headwear changes a 'do such as his requires:

"I've had to elevate my hat size a few sizes. Last year, I was stubborn -- I was having a good season, so I didn't want to change my hat size.

This year, it's gonna be a 7 and 5/8. I'm usually 7 and 1/4, so that's two hat sizes up. By the end of the season, I might be even pushing a size 8."

Or, as a shark-hunting Roy Sheider might put it, "You're gonna need a bigger hat."

Watch the video above to see Archer discuss his expanding hair and, as a bonus, his offseason toe curl workouts.