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Chris Colabello really likes to celebrate his homers off Edinson Volquez

In his life, Chris Colabello has not faced Edinson Volquez all that often -- he's appeared at the plate with Volquez on the mound fewer than 20 times, total, and he only has a handful of hits against him. But among those hits, he's had a few triumphs -- specifically his three career home runs including Wednesday's. Colabello has really made the most of them and they are, taken together, a clinic on how to joyfully celebrate a home run.

Here's how Colabello has celebrated dingers off Volquez, in order from least to most mirthful: 

3. Aug. 2, 2015: Colabello's second homer against Volquez was fairly standard -- a two-run shot that was celebrated with a barrage of high-fiving. Nonetheless, they were some great high fives.

2. ALCS Game 5: Square dancing with Kevin Pillar in the dugout! They're simply radiating joy. How else would you celebrate a home run to take the lead in an elimination game? 


1. 2013 World Baseball Classic: Kisses with Anthony Rizzo for a home run that extended Italy's lead. Rarely has there been a more suiting celebration.