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Chris Gimenez got Spring Training off to a rocking start

Can you really have the first day of Spring Training without hard rock karaoke in front of a giant green screen at 9 a.m.? Chris Gimenez says no.

The Rays catcher was filming clips for use on the Tropicana Field video board during the season when he was asked if he had any hidden talents. He admitted to singing hard rock karaoke on the bus during road trips, and the crew asked if he would indulge them in some of his vocal stylings. Lucky for the Internet, he agreed.

The crew didn't have a microphone, so Gimenez grabbed a bat and launched into an unabashed, high-energy rendition of Crossfade's "Cold." And he did this at 9 a.m. without the benefit of any coffee.

For rocking so hard, Chris Gimenez, we salute you.

-- Jonathan Gantt / Real-Time Correspondent