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Chris Iannetta's pregame routine includes playing guitar with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready

Photo: @Chris_Iannetta

Baseball players have unique ways of preparing for games. Some take naps, some read and some, surprisingly, play guitar with rock stars.

Chris Iannetta of the Angels, along with hitting coach Dave Hansen, had a jam session with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam before the Halos' Wednesday night matchup against the Twins.

"It was crazy," said Iannetta, "I got out of my pitcher's meeting about 15 minutes before I was going out to stretch, and Hanny was jamming with Mike. I just sat down and asked him how to play a couple songs."

Iannetta said a few of the guys in the organization are friends with McCready, but he has never had the opportunity to meet him. 

"Getting the opportunity to listen to him play a couple songs like 'Black" and 'Yellow Ledbetter' today was just awesome."

The catcher has been playing guitar for about a year, so it's still a work in progress -- "I'm terrible, but it was cool to learn it from the source."

Hansen has been playing his whole life and told Iannetta to try playing to take his mind off the game.

"I started playing with him for five minutes before each game and it was fun so I starting bringing it home with me and played a little bit more," said Iannetta. "Now it's one of the only things that shuts my mind off from playing."

In his down time, Iannetta watches YouTube videos to teach him different techniques: Whether it be tempos, rhythms or simply just proper form.

"I'm basically learning different techniques through learning songs on YouTube. I watch some of the guys on there that are really good instructors like Guitar Lessons 365. They are great teachers for beginners and it's fun to watch and learn."