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Chris Sale lost a game of rock-paper-scissors to a fan, so he had to give him an autograph

Twitter video via @Superstr4

There are some hard and fast rules to player-fan interaction. If a player tosses a ball into the stands, it's the fan's duty not to drop it. If a fan makes an impressive catch on a foul ball, a player has to give proper credit. If a fan challenges a player, like Chris Sale, to a game of rock-paper-scissors and wins, the fan gets his autograph.

That's just how it goes:

With the White Sox visiting the Mets on Tuesday, one intrepid fan at Citi Field scored himself Sale's autograph by throwing paper to top the ace's rock, beating him best two out of three. He earned it, fair and square. And according to the fan, the match was Sale's idea.

Sale wasn't pitching Tuesday, but the White Sox did win, 6-4, and snapped a seven-game losing streak. That's what good vibes will do for you.