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Christian Colon revealed his baby's gender by smashing a baseball into smoke

Back in March, Freddie Freeman revealed the gender of his incoming baby as only a baseball player could -- by blasting a baseball into a cloud of blue smoke. Fellow professional ballplayer Christian Colon saw this and thought it was a great idea. So, surrounded by friends, family and a few teammates at Kauffman Stadium on Sunday, he did the same.

The only difference: Colon's baseball burst into pink smoke. Welcome, Mia Rose Colon:

Colon told's Scott Chasen that the only person who knew the gender before Sunday's reveal was his wife Kayla's sister. So, for two days after the doctors learned the gender, Christian and Kayla were in the dark. But that's all part of the fun:

"It was pretty cool," Colon said. "The anticipation was pretty cool."

But the anticipation came to an end when Kayla pitched the ball up and Colon let his bat do the rest. 

Add it to the list of very important swings Colon's taken in the past year. And like certain World Series championship-winning hits, it's the kind of moment to relive over and over:

Additional reporting by's Scott Chasen.