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C.J. Wilson wasn't sure which pitch to throw this hitter, so he opted for a knuckleball

C.J. Wilson was cruising when Jesus Guzman stepped to the plate with two outs in Monday's seventh inning, but the Astros left fielder had already made hard contact in his previous two at-bats - a double on a changeup in the second and a lineout on a curve in the fifth.

So Wilson, with the comfort of an 8-0 lead, reached deep into his bag of tricks for a pitch Guzman probably hadn't seen on the scouting film: a knuckleball. 


"I literally threw him a knuckleball because...I ha[d] no idea what to throw him here," Wilson said after the game.

The knuckler registered an R.A. Dickey-esque 80 mph and landed outside for a ball. Guzman lined Wilson's next offering, a curveball, straight back toward the left-hander, who knocked it down and tossed to first.

"I've been working on it," Wilson said of the knuckleball. "But it was the only pitch I've never thrown in a Major League game before. I've thrown it in warm-ups a couple times, so I was just determined at some point to filter it in there."

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