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Indians fans dressed as bloody-fingered, drone-carrying Trevor Bauer for Halloween

By now, everyone knows about Trevor Bauer's little drone mishap during the ALCS. He cut his finger on one, missed his Game 2 start and then brought in the toy to be questioned by the media. He thought he could start Game 3, but then, uh, this happened and he was asked to leave:

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It was one of the biggest stories of the series (besides, you know, the Indians winning), and because it involved a famous athlete, a cool prop and, most importantly, BLOOD -- it became a hit for Indians fans on Halloween:


Pretty great, but will it help Cleveland take Game 6 and their first World Series since 1948? Tune in to FOX on Tuesday (7:30 p.m. ET air time l 8 p.m. game time) to find out.