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Mike Clevinger may spend his mound visits discussing cereal mythology

With the new rules regarding how many mound visits each team gets during the course of a game, meetings between pitchers and catchers have become all the more precious in 2018. These moments are usually an opportunity to discuss strategy, or give the pitcher a chance to take a second and refocus before locking back into the next pitch. However, Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger suggests that mound visits may be used to discuss other important things: 

Here are some other highlights from baseballers on social media over the last week...

Andrew McCutchen played an unusual game of catch with his wife: 

Reds pitcher and Long Island native Sal Romano got to pitch against the Mets at Citi Field in front of a lot of familiar faces:

It's been an eventful week for Brewers prospect Demi Orimoloye, and his Team Canada teammate and Marlins prospect Tristan Pompey couldn't get enough of it. First, Orimoloye hit a huge home run and admired it:

Then, he made a nice catch in the center field and crashed into the wall:

Orimoloye wasn't the only prospect crashing into outfield walls recently. Reds prospect Taylor Trammell had to leave the game after his run-in with the wall, but he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was doing okay:

Blue Jays prospect Kevin Smith still doesn't understand why you can't walk through a drive-thru:

Phil Hughes gave up a big home run to Brewers All-Star Christian Yelich and sarcastically insisted he just got lucky:

Indians rookie Shane Bieber was not impressed with Trevor Bauer's walk-off celebration:

Cardinals rookie Harrison Bader doesn't quite know what he's doing while taking his lead at first base, but he is amused by it: