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This is what happens when someone homers while his mom is interviewed on TV

Chris Colabello's mom, Silvana, celebrated her birthday at Tropicana Field on Wednesday. Seeing your son play in a big league game is a pretty nice gift, but the Twins outfielder/first baseman made it even more special with a two-run homer in the fourth inning -- while Silvana was being interviewed on-air by the Twins broadcast crew.

Colabello would later single in a pair of runs in the 12th to give Minnesota a 6-4 win and increase his AL-leading RBI total to 26. 

"That's a pretty cool moment," Colabello said after the game. "I'm obviously blessed to have my parents in my life, and to have them along with me is pretty neat. It's weird because April 23 has always been a special day for me, hitting-wise. It seems like every time I play on her birthday something crazy happens."

But don't worry, I'm sure your mom liked your present too.