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Cole Hamels pranked reporters into thinking he was traded by emptying out his locker

Cole Hamels empties out locker in fake trade prank

Cole Hamels is on the trade block. He knows it, the Phillies know it, and reporters have been circling for months to get the scoop on where the lefty's headed. And then, after Thursday's game with the Orioles, it looked like the big break had finally come:

In the frantic moments afterward, everyone rushed to make sense of this breaking development: Where would Hamels be playing? What did the Phillies get in return? How would the Phanatic handle the news?!

Phanatic head shake

Except, well, it turns out that Cole Hamels just delights in trolling us all/cruelly upsetting furry green things -- he had emptied his locker just as a gag, to poke a little fun at all the rumors swirling around and remind everyone that, hey, he's still a member of a baseball team. 

Seriously, though, would a heads up to the mascot have really killed you?