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Connecticut and New Jersey really want to know why the Yankees do the thumbs down sign

We are all curious individuals. We want to know why things are things -- why they happen and what they mean. Thanks to the internet, we can find most of the answers to the biggest (and strangest) questions that come to our minds.

This Google trends map attempts to chart which "Why do…" questions were asked the most in each state, and the results showed an array of curiosities. For example, Nevada wanted to know why dogs lick and Arkansas wanted some answers about why we sleep. But, New Jersey and Connecticut stood out in particular. That's right: Their most asked question was why the Yankees give the thumbs down sign.

You remember the story: A very displeased fan was spotted in the crowd during a Yankees game giving a thumbs down when Todd Frazier, a New Jersey native, launched a three-run homer. Gary Dunaier, a Mets fan, not only performed the gesture, but also remained in the position for a long period of time -- resulting in one of the most memorable GIFs of the season:


But, that's not all.

The players made T-shirts in his honor, and Frazier himself gave the thumbs down while pranking Matt Holliday during an MLB Network appearance:


So, to the states who were curious, hopefully you now have your answer.