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Watch this couple celebrate 64 years of marriage with a day at Busch Stadium

Baseball fans Carol and Warren Reckmeyer have been married since 1952, and they have the MLB jerseys to prove it:


But for as long as they've been together, Carol and Warren have been watching baseball even longer. Cardinals fan Warren idolized Pepper Martin growing up, and Carol has the autographs of Giants Hall of Famers like Mel Ott and Carl Hubbell. They're baseball lifers.

So, to celebrate their 64th (!) anniversary, the Cardinals teamed up with Bank of America to treat the Reckmeyers to a Cards-Giants game at Busch Stadium. Watch the clip above to see highlights from their day -- they even got to throw out a dual first pitch.


And while watching their favorite teams duke it out, Carol and Warren were joined by a special guest: Cardinals Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith.

"I'd almost like to see you out there doing the flip," Warren told him.

Wouldn't we all?