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Watch this umpire show zero fear after nearly being hit in the head with a foul ball

The general rule for any and all situations -- whether escaping a burning building, preparing for a test, or even ordering a sandwich at the deli -- is that you need to "remain calm." That's always harder to put into practice though, especially when your local deli has a confusing ordering protocol that's never consistently applied. 

However, there is one man that has no problem remaining calm: This umpire in the CPBL, Taiwan's professional baseball league. As the arbiter for the league's Home Run Derby, he was standing behind home plate when the Lions' Liu Fu Hao was bashing dingers. Unfortunately for the man in blue, one foul nearly caught him square in the face. 

But did he show any fear? Did he betray his cool exterior? Absolutely not. This is the face Batman uses when he goes on patrol late at night: 

Everything about this clip is amazing. The catlike grace of his backward trot. The nonchalance as he sidesteps to a safer spot. The ever-so-slight glance to the side the only sign that he realized his predicament. 

As for the winner of this Derby (other than the umpire, that is), the Brothers' Lin Cheh Sheng took home the prize. 

(h/t r/CPBL