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Crank up the base: 3B loves a crowd

Official statement from Third Base of Comerica Park

It's been a pretty big two days for myself, the dirt surrounding me and the entire Third Base Community. By now, you might have done the calculus on your own and figured out that the two biggest plays of Game 4 and 5 have directly involved Third Base.

Well la dee da.

Oh, and I know what you're wondering -- why would I play the Tigers villain in Game 4, allowing Miguel Cabrera to tag me up to just get thrown out at the plate like a lamb led to the slaughter, but then play the Tigers hero in Game 5, "conveniently" interfering with Cabrera's grounder to me which led to a Tigers run and a scorned look of betrayal from Adrian Beltre? I've heard the questions, "What kind of sick, twisted third base are you?"

Here's the rub(ber): All important things come in, you guessed it -- threes. I'll see you in Arlington for Game 6.

And Jim Leyland had this to add: "I have that bag in my office right now. And that will be in my memorabilia room at some point in my life. I can promise you."