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Cryptozoologists rejoice: Sasquatch threw out the first pitch at Safeco

Safeco Field is a true gem of the northwest, and there are few people who have the gravitas to throw out a first pitch in such a beautiful stadium. Sure, Richard Sherman could do it, but he's in rarefied company.

Lacking any humans up to the challenge for Saturday's game, the Mariners did the only thing they could:

They got Sasquatch to do it.

The only other problem was finding a fitting catcher, but the Mariner Moose filled the role just fine.

Considering he doesn't actually exist, Big Foot threw out a pretty good pitch. He was so inspiring, the Mariners defeated the Angels, 3-2. Maybe they should have Nessie try it next

-- Dakota Gardner /

(video from Connor Hutyler / Real-Time Correspondent)

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