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The Cubs game got rained out, so Anthony Rizzo immediately went to see the Blackhawks

Cubs rained out, Rizzo races to Blackhawks game

As the adage goes, every cloud has a silver lining. On Monday night, that was literally true for Anthony Rizzo. Sure, the Cubs-Indians game got rained out, but that meant that the first baseman was free to go to another game:

OK, so the "silver" part is still pending, but if the Chicago Blackhawks, who are one game up on the Tampa Bay Lighting, win tonight, they'll get their hands on their third Stanley Cup in six years. That will meet the "silver" requirement quite nicely, we think.

UPDATE: For every cloud, there really is a Stanley Cup lining: 

Did Rizzo's presence have anything to do with the win? Though we can't technically infer causality, we're going to go ahead and say yes: 

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