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Episode 5 of the Cut4Cast is one big food fight

We here at Cut4 strive to make you feel like you're part of our baseball family, so in Episode 5 of our podcast we're inviting you to sit down to a ballpark-themed meal with us.

Well, by meal, we mean we're going to talk about our favorite ballpark foods and you're going to have to imagine you're eating them like in that scene from "Hook." And just like any other family dining situation, we're going to get into a controversial debate: Are hot dogs, in fact, sandwiches?

Stream the Cut4Cast here or subscribe on iTunes. Here's a guide to this week's episode, with selected quotes: 

2:04 -- What is your favorite traditional ballpark food? 

- Ben: "I was on like, or something." 

- Gemma: "There's no other situation in my life where I would eat a hot dog." 

- Dakota: "Ben, you're objectively wrong." 

9:50 -- What is your least favorite traditional ballpark food?

- Matt: "I don't even like seeing it at the ballpark, I get disgusted. I don't want them near me, they should ban them. It looks like something you find in your closet." 

- Gemma: "We're not trying to have like, raclette nachos." 

- Dakota: "I was worried that I was gonna come in here and admit this to you guys, and you were all gonna be like 'No, that's terrible, you're dumb!'" 

17:24 - What are some foods you can't find at a ballpark that you'd like to see added to the menu? 

- Dakota: "It literally is fully enclosed in bread." 

- Matt: "Because you can throw eggrolls, like, across the stadium." 

- Dakota: "That was a poem that Matt wrote about how much he likes bacon and chocolate."