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Cut4 Postseason Preview: Announcers modeling underwear, cupcake competitions and everything else you need to know about the New York Yankees

Playoffs? You kiddin' me? Uh, no, actually we're not. In case you've been holed up watching Gangnam Style videos for the last few months, here's what you need to know about the season that was and the postseason to come –- New York Yankees edition.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah -- the Yankees are in the postseason again. For the 17th time in 18 seasons, there will be meaningful October baseball in the Bronx. The Bombers also held off the Orioles for their eighth AL East crown since 2002 and will vie for their 28th World Championship this year. Unbelievably, there are still seats on the bandwagon – just ask LeBron! Wanna jump on but don’t have any clue what’s been going on this season? Here’s the full rundown.

- It’s been a long, strange trip for the Yanks. Early on, All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano lost to Denzel Washington in a Yankees Trivia Contest on the Tonight Show and the seemingly invincible Mariano Rivera suffered a season-ending ACL tear. Later in the season, Michael Kay took his turn as an underwear pitchman while the always-smooth Derek Jeter bumbled his way through a TV spot.

- Even this nun’s call to a higher power didn’t stop the string of bizarre events. Left fielder DeWayne Wise was catching balls he never actually caught, Ivan Nova was firing fastballs through gloves and Ichiro Suzuki was making behind-the-back snags with ease. Bernie Williams took on Jason Varitek in a cupcake competition. That’s an actual thing that happened in real life.

- Other New York-area teams pitched in, trying anything to return the Bronx to some sense of normalcy. Knicks coach Mike Woodson, Nets coach Avery Johnson and Giants defensive end Justin Tuck all joined Bald Vinny and the Bleacher Creatures for first-inning roll calls. But John Sterling almost got hit by a foul ball ... twice and David Cone began comparing pitches to “50 Shades of Grey.”

- During the stretch run, the Yanks got a lift from the magical, the mystical and musical. Ichiro made a ball disappear, Babe Ruth returned to New York and a Grammy-winning artist inspired the stadium with a stirring rendition of "God Bless America."

-So it was a crazy season all around for the Bronx Bombers. Of course, there were the standard celebrity sightings and Jeter being Jeter, but a Futbol game broke out in the outfield during August, for cryin’ out loud. Does all this Twilight Zone stuff point to yet another title? Only time will tell.


- Of course Rudy Giuliani makes his customary October appearance in the Bronx, and Michael Bloomberg takes in a game as well. But the tabloids run wild when both Big Apple power brokers are spotted kibitzing with an up-and-coming new candidate.

- Looking to spark his lineup during the ALDS, Joe Girardi pencils in Hideki Matsui. Not the actual Hideki Matsui, but the cardboard cutout often spotted in the right-field bleachers. Unfortunately Hass’s “friend” is even slower on the basepaths than the real ’09 World Series MVP.

- Thirteen years after another L.J. electrified New York with a clutch postseason performance, Girardi  calls on Luke Joseph Robertson to deliver an inspirational pregame speech. The move backfires when Lil’ Rob is only able to provide a dirty diaper and some giggling.

- Brian Cashman is nowhere to be found when TV cameras pan to his suite during Game 2 of the World Series. The following day, Yankees players arrive in the clubhouse and find a locker reserved for “B. Vinny.”

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