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The Cut4 Road Trip, Day 7: Lucas Giolito on making his Major League debut

The guys behind Cespedes Family BBQ have embarked on a cross-country road trip to see as many Top-100 MLB prospects as possible.You can find an introduction to the trip and their full schedule by clicking here

Earlier this week, MLB Pipeline's No. 1 prospect, Lucas Giolito, got that life-changing, forever-memorable call to the big leagues. This was surely a moment that he's been working toward his entire life, and it must have been extremely special for the young phenom to hear that phone ring.

On Tuesday, we got a phone call too. It from was our bosses here at Cut4, seeing if we wanted to take a quick detour from our road trip to go talk to Lucas Giolito in D.C. the day after his Major League debut. We'll never forget where we were when we got that call: the second floor lounge of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs stadium -- a space of wonder and possibility.

Just like Giolito, we did what every good 21-year-old employee should do and listened to the people signing the paychecks. So just like Giolito, we gleefully accepted our promotion to the bigs and made our way back home to D.C.

Sure, Giolito took a plane to get back to the District, while we had to drive four hours the night before. And sure, he got to wear shorts and we had to wear khakis. He's playing professional baseball, and we're just professional dinguses with a Twitter account. But yesterday at the park, we were all just kids hanging around a ballfield, chatting about the game, enjoying our time in the big leagues.

The only difference is that tomorrow we'll venture down to North Carolina to continue our Minor League grind, while Giolito will get to stay up in The Show. Oh, and he throws 97 mph. We just throw bats over walls.



Where We Woke Up: Washington, D.C.

Where We Slept: South Hill, V.A.

Miles Driven: 198

Miles Driven To-Date: 2110

Time in Car: 3:25

Time in Car To-Date: 36:04


Tomorrow's Plan:

After our brief stint in the bigs, we're gonna snap back to reality with a South Atlantic League showdown between the Kannapolis Intimidators and the Hickory Crawdads. It only took us about a week to realize that San Diego is actually west of Washington, D.C., and we need to drive in that direction if we have any intention of getting to the Futures Game in time. With our action-packed Northeast prologue now complete, you can think of this Class A clash as Chapter 1 of our ultimate journey.