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Is Billy Butler on your softball team?

This week, the world learned that former Major Leaguer Billy Butler, who you may remember from the 2014 World Series, is socking homers on a rec league softball team in Idaho full of regular, non-World-Series-contending people.Thanks to The Athletic, we know that he can "hit the ball out of the park every time."

But what would you do if you had to face Butler in your rec league? Would you want him on your team? On this week's Cut4Cast, Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Michael Clair answer those questions and more (2:58). They also talk about Joey Votto's retirement plans (9:40), Eric Thames' muscles (15:24) and explain the best way to tell someone they've been traded (21:20).

To listen to the whole episode, find it on the Cut4Cast iTunes page or click play below.